May 16, 2011

Just when you think He's not listening

Greetings Brothers,
I had a Great day @ church Sunday. I say great because I have been struggling with certain things in life, like all the crazy things going on all around me and feeling some what powerless to do anything about it .

I'm not going to go into great detail about it, only that I was angry thinking that I was alone with these burdens.
Then God spoke so clearly to me, that I couldn't deny it was Him, and  He gave me some practical solutions to combat my battles and have victory in Christ !
I came away with a sense of knowing that my God is intimately interested in my cares and growth!

On Monday's devotional, He further showed me that He is aware of all that is going on and that He has never left the Throne!  Read Psalm 73 and tell Him that He doesn't understand......If you dare.
I later phoned a friend,who I hadn't spoke to in long while.  It turned out that brother was in 'great trial'.

We prayed and lifted his burden before the Lord.  His trial may not be over,but I was privileged to encourage him, and share in his grief. Would you join me in prayer for him?  God know who he is, you just pray...
Maybe he'll come out the Barn??

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  1. God is amazing. praying for your long-lost bro God will meet all his needs. its awesome will God moves you to communicate with a fellow brother and meet his needs as well as our own.