September 5, 2011


Hey you all,
Wow has it that long since my last post???
Is anyone reading this ? Well in case you are, I better get on the ball. Summer is almost over and I for one am ready for fall. I went to Spirit West Coast in Aug. with Jim & Tim. It was a great time! If you have never been to a Christian music festival,check it out.. You will be refreshed and encouraged, and if you're like me you will probably be challenged not to flesh out at your brothers and sisters...Sometimes we(and I say We)can forget to treat or consider others more highly than ourselves.( Phil 2:3) One of my favorite sayings outside the Bible, "Christianity would be Great if wasn't for the people". LOL??
Am I saying that I don't like people? Heck no, I Love the body of Christ! Especially when we behave like we're suppose to! Just like when the Barn Bros get together! Did you see that coming? Well I can't help braggin' bout my Bros in Christ!! You guys are Awesome! I loved this Saturdays meeting! Tim and Jim did a Great job leading us in Worship, and you guys had some great insight to share. Thank you All for your participation..
The Best part of the B.B.s meeting is that we come from different churches and backgrounds,with various experiences and ideas, and can still fellowship in the name of Christ. You guys make me want to be a better Christian man!!

Remember to keep Linda Grant in your Prayers.. She's experiencing attacks from the enemy of our souls in Israel where there is Real warfare going on!!

Also please keep Greg& Lori Lane in prayer as she battles cancer.

We are looking at having another family barbecue in October, so keep your schedules free, and I'll let you know when It's confirmed.

God Bless you,


June 5, 2011

Barn Bro's family barbecue

Hey Ya'll,  Greetings and thanks to all who came out for the  barbecue yesterday.  I had a great time with you all.  A special thanks to Jim and Kathy for being such Gracious hosts,Jim L, and Gerson for jammin' with me, Jimmy Mac for the Awesome mix in sound (couldn't do it without you bro)  all you Great cooks for the side dishes and desserts. I am especially grateful to Our Lord and Savior, for clearing up the weather just for us, so we could fellowship, and the kids have "dirt clod therapy".  A special 'shout out' to Rodger and Julie Coale from Live Oak church,We love you, and are praying for you. It sure was Great seeing you all again, hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  I'll post some photos of the our day together.

Blessings to you

May 22, 2011

June Meeting

Hey Ya'll,

Just a heads up, June's B-Bros morning meeting will be held later on that Saturday afternoon at 3pm.  In place of our morning study, we will be having a barbecue for the barn bros families and friends.
If you're planning on attending, bring a side dish or a dessert.

See you there,


May 16, 2011

Just when you think He's not listening

Greetings Brothers,
I had a Great day @ church Sunday. I say great because I have been struggling with certain things in life, like all the crazy things going on all around me and feeling some what powerless to do anything about it .

I'm not going to go into great detail about it, only that I was angry thinking that I was alone with these burdens.
Then God spoke so clearly to me, that I couldn't deny it was Him, and  He gave me some practical solutions to combat my battles and have victory in Christ !
I came away with a sense of knowing that my God is intimately interested in my cares and growth!

On Monday's devotional, He further showed me that He is aware of all that is going on and that He has never left the Throne!  Read Psalm 73 and tell Him that He doesn't understand......If you dare.
I later phoned a friend,who I hadn't spoke to in long while.  It turned out that brother was in 'great trial'.

We prayed and lifted his burden before the Lord.  His trial may not be over,but I was privileged to encourage him, and share in his grief. Would you join me in prayer for him?  God know who he is, you just pray...
Maybe he'll come out the Barn??

April 27, 2011

May reminder

The next B.Bros gathering is fast approaching!  It's saturday May 7th @ 8:00am.

We're starting a lil' later to let you catch a couple mo' z-z-z-zs

Please keep Lori lane in your Prayers, Greg says she's doing good through the chemo treatments, just a little sick afterwards.  She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and given a good prognoses by her Dr.

Please pray for healing and strength for the Lane family..

April Post

He is Risen!

Hope you all had a Great Resurrection Sunday!

Tim & I spent it with our Beautiful Brides @ the Sunken Gardens with the Refuge Church.

A Great message by Pastor Steve, and Awesome music by the Worship team @ Refuge..

Sorry about the long gap between blogs, I'll try to do better!

March 27, 2011

Next Meeting


This Saturday April 2nd 7:30@ The Barn..

Jim & Kathy are back come out & say Hello...

We'll be in 1st Samuel 6

March 4, 2011

Following the Signs...

The 'SIGNS' will be there for those who are looking!... Our next fellowship will be Saturday, March 5th at 7:30 a.m. - come find us - we'll be gathered around the coffee pot! 

March 3, 2011

First finger Print

Well here it is Jim! Wadda ya think???
We are keeping you two in constant Prayer!
Jesus said "Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice, and opens the door,I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.

Our desire is to have  'Koinonia'......(That close fellowship shared between Jesus and His disciples) among brothers in Christ!

The 'Barn' doors are open to all who are willing to enter in, and taste and see that that the Lord is Good..