September 5, 2011


Hey you all,
Wow has it that long since my last post???
Is anyone reading this ? Well in case you are, I better get on the ball. Summer is almost over and I for one am ready for fall. I went to Spirit West Coast in Aug. with Jim & Tim. It was a great time! If you have never been to a Christian music festival,check it out.. You will be refreshed and encouraged, and if you're like me you will probably be challenged not to flesh out at your brothers and sisters...Sometimes we(and I say We)can forget to treat or consider others more highly than ourselves.( Phil 2:3) One of my favorite sayings outside the Bible, "Christianity would be Great if wasn't for the people". LOL??
Am I saying that I don't like people? Heck no, I Love the body of Christ! Especially when we behave like we're suppose to! Just like when the Barn Bros get together! Did you see that coming? Well I can't help braggin' bout my Bros in Christ!! You guys are Awesome! I loved this Saturdays meeting! Tim and Jim did a Great job leading us in Worship, and you guys had some great insight to share. Thank you All for your participation..
The Best part of the B.B.s meeting is that we come from different churches and backgrounds,with various experiences and ideas, and can still fellowship in the name of Christ. You guys make me want to be a better Christian man!!

Remember to keep Linda Grant in your Prayers.. She's experiencing attacks from the enemy of our souls in Israel where there is Real warfare going on!!

Also please keep Greg& Lori Lane in prayer as she battles cancer.

We are looking at having another family barbecue in October, so keep your schedules free, and I'll let you know when It's confirmed.

God Bless you,


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